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The Janitor's Boy Reviews

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The Janitor's Boy

The Janitor's Boy

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approx. 2.5 hours         2 cassettes
read by B.D. Wong

Jack Rankin has always looked up to his father.  But when the middle school students are temporarily housed in the high school where his father works as a janitor, Jack is embarrassed.  He lashes out by covering the underside of a desk with gum, and his punishment is to perform janitorial duties after school for three weeks.  When Jack walks in his father's shoes for a while, he learns surprising secrets about the old building...and his old man.Fifth-grader Jack Rankin's father is the janitor of the junior-high school. That wouldn't be so bad if nobody knew about it. But on October 5, disaster strikes when Lenny Trumbull throws up his cafeteria ravioli: Jack's dad appears on the scene with a mop and says, "Hi, son." Jack loves his father and is proud of him, but he knows a giant letter L for loser has just been branded on his forehead. To make matters worse, Jack, furious when the inevitable stream of ridi

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