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Funky Furniture Brings Fun To Any Child'S Bedroom

Posted By : Agus Zainal at 6:57 PM
Every child wants to have the coolest bedroom out of all of their friends. Young kids particulary love fun theme beds, with racing car beds and princess fairy beds being particularly popular for boys and girls of all ages. Many novelty beds are available with matching bedroom furniture too. Jigsaw assembly furniture is another novel way to jazz up a child's room, with brands such as Kidsaw bedroom furniture offering easy slot-together furniture that doesn't need screws, glue or special tools yet doesn't wobble or loosen and is just as sturdy as regular furniture.

With older kids and tweens it can be more difficult to find cool and funky furniture they'll like. Kids get to an age where they would like to have a little more leeway in choosing child furniture and accessories for their room.

They want to show their rooms off to their friends and be able to point out special features that have a WOW factor, like illuminated bedside tables. These are much more appealing to kids than those smaller versions of adult furnishings. Funky, trendy child bedroom furniture is a way of giving identity and ownership of the room to your child.

By setting some rules and offering your child some totally cool and funky kids bedroom furniture options, the two of you should be able to create a room that is as individual as they are.

Rooms can really pop when the walls and bedding have strong colour or patterns, and this sets the tone for some really rocking furniture choices. Slouch interactive beanbag chairs are always great fun, very mobile and can be found in a colour and style that will look splendid in your child's bedroom. They are always comfortable, and they provide extra seating when school friends are over for a visit. These are very popular for kids of almost any age.

Interactive multimedia chairs are made for kids. Who would not enjoy lounging in comfort while plugged into their music or video games? With surround sound and vibrations, these chairs take game playing to new heights of excitement. These chairs are compatible with MP3 players as well as the most popular gaming systems.

Also be sure that a specific area in the child's room is included as their own "get away paradise".   Just pick a spot and add a fuzzy rug that is soft and colourful, add a sheer curtain panel or string beads along the wall to highlight this special room area. You can also add accents to the wall with some framed, personalized childrens pictures or arched mirrors.  Throw pillows will add bright splashes of color and they can be used as floor seating when necessary. This turns a drab corner into a really cool spot for friends to congregate as they watch television, listen to music, or just hang out.

If you're tight on space in your child's room, high sleepers with under storage space can be the right answer and your kids will love this practical and great looking furniture.  In the storage area, your child can arrange their computer, television, and books. They can even turn this space into homework and reading area.  Of course, this little hide-a-way also makes a snug area that will give them a private retreat when they want to have some quiet time as well.

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Blondelle Wilson on 2/05/2013 08:11:00 AM said...
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Blondelle Wilson on 2/05/2013 08:31:00 AM said...

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